Languages at Lunchtime

I had always wanted to learn a language. My GCSE Spanish is passable but I have always

dreamt of being fluent. Languages at lunchtime is an informal way to learn a new language

and immerse yourself in a different culture. The idea was started by Lizzie Watts, Chancelry

Projects & Administrative Assistant Chancelry at Bath Spa University. The aim was to give

students going to study in Spanish speaking countries a taste of what was to come.

Speaking with Lizzie she described the hour long classes as, ‘an informal session set aside

which is led by the participants with no official teacher, although we have several native

Spanish speakers who come along and help. This is a trail session being run this year only.’

The classes are held every Wednesday at Commons on Bath Spa’s Newton Park Campus

between 1-2pm. Everyone is welcome to attend from staff to students. Lizzie explained,

‘Learning a second language is important to both staff and students, it can help both break

down barriers and open doors.’

Many of the students attending have been offered a place to study at The Institute of

Technology at Monterrey in Mexico City this summer through the Global Academy of

Liberal Arts (GALA). GALA set up by Bath Spa is a network of universities around the

world who help one another with collaborative projects, funding and student exchanges.

These classes in basic Spanish are aimed at helping these students navigate Mexico’s biggest

city while also preparing them for this semester abroad. ‘Being able to communicate, even at

a basic level, in another language can help you to get by when abroad,’ explained Lizzie who

is also involved.

The classes are currently a trial session but providing their success the hope is to have similar

classes next year which will be more widely advertised. There are many opportunities for

students at Bath Spa to study abroad, through Erasmus, GALA scholarships and also the

Global Citizenship Award.

Information regarding this opportunities and funding is included below

Other Outwards Opportunities for Students

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